Hattenweiler is a small quiet suburb with about 220 residents, a community of known Teilort Heiligenberg, ca.13 km from Überlingen. The state-recognized health resort Holy Mountain is located at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. His district total area is 4077 hectares, its population of 2868 to the end of last year.
A special role is played here in the hinterland around the Lake of the tourist. Sacred Mountain and its surroundings in the warm season a lot of variety. Known destinations such as Castle Heiligenberg, Schloss Salem, the Monkey Mountain, the Ravensburger games country Haustierhof Reute mill in Überlingen, the Isle of Mainau, the park in Allensbach, the Sealife in Constance, and more. and a variety of hiking and biking trails.
But otherwise in the Lake can be all sorts of companies with the wheel or the excursion vessels, and on the "Swabian Sea", in the neighboring Switzerland, the Rhine Falls, or our neighbors in Austria, such as the pledges made in Vorarlberg country.
But not only in the summer it is nice to us, including the cold season offers.
The Lake region through cross-country and downhill ski slopes for winter sports opportunity. Just like to visit the thermal baths in Meersburg, Überlingen or Constance. A wide selection of literature lies in the FeWo to view, so the trip preparation nothing stands in the way.


Looking forward to your visit your Andreas Meßmer